The connection Amongst the Enneagram Identity Models and Health Responsibility into the People having Substance Use Infection; A quick Statement

The connection Amongst the Enneagram Identity Models and Health Responsibility into the People having Substance Use Infection; A quick Statement

Simple tips to Mention: Saeidi M, Amiri M M, Ahmadi Yards, Komasi S. The relationship Amongst the Enneagram Identity Brands and you can Wellness Duty in Patients with Substance Fool around with Diseases; A quick Declaration. Jundishapur J Wellness Sci.11(2):e90424. doi: /jjhs.90424.


Objectives: The present studies geared towards exploring the relationship within Enneagram identity designs and you will fitness obligation inside customers which have material explore disorder (SUD).

Methods: The present day cross-sectional data was conducted toward 68 clients that have SUD referred to methadone repair cures clinics during the Kermanshah urban area, Western Iran, in kind of indicator (RHETI) and you may subscale out of health obligations throughout the fitness generating existence profile (HPLP-II) were utilized for data gathering. The newest acquired data had been examined having fun with Pearson relationship and you may several linear regression research.

Results: The mean ± SD age of the samples (100% male) was 39.4 ± 13.3 years. The obtained results showed a significant direct relationship between personality types 1 and 3 and health responsibility, while the same relationship was indirect for the personality type 4 (P < 0.05). Despite the inability of the three personality types in predicting health responsibility, the model generally could explain 12.5% of the variance in criterion variable.

Conclusions: Most likely, examination the brand new personality designs away from patients having SUD utilising the Enneagram design they can be handy to recognize vulnerable teams. Because SUD treatment comes with a lot of time-label authoritative nursing properties, studies should be focused on improved wellness duty certainly one of chance-providing personalities such as for instance types of cuatro.

step 1. Record

Substance explore disease (SUD) try a long-term, modern, and you will malicious condition (1). The disorder is extremely preferred throughout the world (1). SUD is frequently followed closely by a long-name below average lifestyle. In the main prevention stage, the character and you may tests of the character variables linked to reseña del sitio de citas de solteros de música real adopting a healthy lifestyle may be good at improving health-related well being and you can controlling the wellness harmful events. Therefore, it’s important to analyze the partnership anywhere between identity designs discussed when it comes to the expertise and you will areas of fitness-creating lives including wellness obligation. Wellness obligation, which is among the areas of leading a healthy lifestyle, involves people maintain their health which help due to their individual healthcare (2).

Studies usually worried about neo four-factor identification design to investigate the partnership between character traits plus extroversion/introversion, positive/negative connect with, neuroticism, or any other parts having habits and you may made use of scientific products instance new Millon clinical multiaxial catalog (MCMI) in addition to Minnesota multiphasic personality list (MMPI) (step 3, 4). New Enneagram identity experience one of those identification designs which might be rarely found in this profession, despite the efficiency and the simple fact that it could be effortlessly quantified (5). Depending on the Enneagram program, folks are classified towards the 9 identity products as there are always a prominent personality types of each personal. New character models are: compulsive, helper, achiever, individualist, observer, loyalist, lover, enemy, and you can intermediary (6).

2. Objectives

In accordance with the factors, the present day studies aimed at investigating the connection amongst the Enneagram identification products and you may health obligation from inside the customers which have SUD.

3. Actions

The current cross sectional research is actually conducted to your 76 customers (68 members of final investigation) having SUD referred to methadone maintenance procedures (MMT) clinics round the Kermanshah town, Western Iran, during the . With regards to the algorithm (Letter > fifty + 8m) and you will around three predictor parameters in today’s studies, the new decide to try size above 74 instances featured suitable (7). The fresh randomly selected sufferers responded to new questionnaire immediately following signing new created told say yes to be involved in the study. The fresh new Riso-Hudson Enneagram method of indication (RHETI) (8) and you will subscale out of health responsibility on fitness promoting life reputation (HPLP-II) (9), credible and you may good instruments, had been provided for the newest subjects by a skilled clinical psychologist. The fresh RHTEI is sold with 144 a couple of-choice issues (agree/disagree) and you may, while the expressed over, methods nine sort of identification. New retest, interior surface accuracy, and you can expectations validity of appliance among Iranian examples were acceptable (8). HPLP-II try an excellent 52-item collection that have six subscales in addition to wellness obligation, religious progress, physical activity, interpersonal dating, diet, and you may stress management. The newest scoring will be based upon a four-area Likert size (from 1: not to ever 4: always). Cronbach’s alpha of the overall measure and you can wellness obligations parts certainly Iranian inhabitants was basically 0.78 and you may 0.83, respectively (9). Fundamentally, the content had been analyzed having fun with Pearson relationship and you can numerous regression investigation. All of the statistical analyses had been a couple-tailed and have been did that have SPSS variation 20. The research was a student in conformity to the Statement away from Helsinki. The study protocol was also approved by the Integrity Panel out-of Kermanshah College regarding Medical Sciences (moral code: IR.KUMS.REC.).

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