What is a Good Gift to Give a Loved One Celebrating their Sobriety?

Most sober living homes are short term and transitional. Rehab facilities are one of the best ways to start a sober journey. They have the type of support you need and can help treat each individual person’s addiction. There are two types of rehab facilities, inpatient and outpatient. Deciding to become sober is the first step toward recovery. In fact, this can be the hardest part of sobriety for many people. However, as we said before and will say again and again, every person’s sobriety journey is different. Becoming sober will be different for every single person too. It is a great gift for non-drinkers who enjoy their coffee first thing in the morning or the tea lover who wants to wind down after a long day. This allows them to try out new flavors and see what they like the best.

Celebrating a loved one’s sobriety can be challenging. On the one hand, this is a huge accomplishment, and you’re very proud of what they’ve done. On the other hand, however, you may not know whether they want to draw attention to this milestone or an appropriate way to celebrate. The good news is that it’s not quite as difficult as it seems! Keep reading to learn how to celebrate a sobriety anniversary and some sobriety gift ideas. If you have a loved one coming up on their one-year mark, a sobriety gift is a thoughtful and tasteful way of recognizing their accomplishment. If you’re unsure of how to commemorate this achievement, keep reading to understand what sobriety gifts are, what makes a good sobriety gift, as well as our 1-year sober gift ideas.

Resources are available. Don’t be afraid to use them if you need to.

This organization also supports Pro Recovery Power, a nonprofit recovery network based in California with a nationwide reach. 50% of all proceeds from your coffee purchases will go directly to these facilities. Buy some coffee for yourself, buy a few bags for a friend, or simply make a donation to support the mission. Some people are ‘out and proud’, and others desire a little more privacy about living sober. Some are 12-Steps, Celebrate one year sober gifts for him Recovery, and some don’t do a program at all. As the rest of the world swirls down to the bottom of the bottle, some of us just want to enjoy our alcohol-free lives and give amazing gifts we love and appreciate. Instead, consider beautiful water glasses or handmade mugs. They recognize that all dining experiences are special, especially when they don’t include alcohol. The Token Shop, you can find rings, necklaces, and other accessories.

one year sober gifts for him

I don’t know where this person lives, but if it is a house with a yard, maybe a young tree would be nice. Each year you can watch how it grows as a reminder of the progress of overcoming the addiction. If you know his taste in jewelry, you might try something from here. I know Seattle has 12 Step gifts at retail stores so I suspect other major cities do as well. If you are not in person, you may want to send something fun!

Gift for someone celebrating a year of sobriety

The neutral colors will match any outfit and make it an easy to wear daily accessory. This pretty sterling symbol necklace is a sign of proud sobriety. It is not only a reminder or being sober but also a beautiful, daily accessory that will match almost any outfit. one year sober gifts for him Friends and family can be a great support system as well. They love you and hopefully see how important your sobriety is. Once you identify what triggers you, learn to avoid them or confront them. Doing this will greatly increase your chances of staying sober.

What do you get someone who is one year sober?

A Personalized piece of jewelry, watch, or keychain can be a beautiful gift with an even more beautiful meaning. You can order a gift and have it engraved with important, inspirational quotes or milestone dates.

Whether their medium is paint, colored pencils, or something else, there are many tools and devices available to help your loved ones with their future art projects. There are a number of options for personalized milestones and sobriety date medallions available online. OurCuban Link Chain Necklaceis the perfect gift for this sober celebration and is a staple accessory for all wardrobes. Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is possible, for you or a loved one. If you know your person is working on rebuilding their life, a session with a Recovery/Life Coach is a great gift! They can get clarity on their future, support from someone who has walked the path already, get energized about their new life, set goals, and have accountability. That means having things around the house, office and car that remind me what’s important. These Recovery Stones are the perfect memento to keep recovery front of mind wherever you want to keep them.

There are so many benefits of sobriety that you will be pleasantly surprised almost every day. An important part of recovery is finding healthy ways to feel good and yoga does just that. Along with being great exercise and mentally rejuvenating, yoga classes provide attendees with a health-driven and positive community to connect with. Pay attention to the things they mention and find a gift that meets that need. It acts like you can never ever have a drink again, which I totally don’t agree with. I don’t believe people have conquered an addiction if they are afraid to touch their previous addiction! Truly conquering an addiction means that you’re able to indulge in moderation without falling back into the pattern. @shadling, well I wanted the gift to reflect the occasion, because its very significant. I was just listing some of his qualities to help with gift ideas. Why couldn’t it have been worded “gift for a 20-year-old male with a sense of style”?

  • Also, select the additional treatment options to get on the list to receive our future treatment eBooks when they are released.
  • A good sobriety article or two can also help you understand and stick to any sobriety goals.
  • There is no obligation to enter treatment and you can opt out at any time.
  • The center is blank so you can have it customized with a date or initials.
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Meditation allows you to clear your mind, relax, and experience emotions in a non-threatening way, which is why it is the perfect gift for someone in recovery. Addiction takes a strong mental and physical hold on an individual and meditation is a tool for taking back control of yourself. Many individuals in recovery originally turned to substances for the sensation of feeling ‘alive’. A natural, non-harmful adrenaline rush could be a fitting gift for someone in recovery. The gift itself could be skydiving, snowboarding or skiing, rollercoaster passes, rock climbing, cave diving, etc. Creating a personalized photo album is a great way to show someone in recovery how much they mean to you. It is something they can turn to as a reminder of how important the memories you share are and the wonderful things they have in their life. I’d try to stay away from public displays like a party. He may have told only a select few about his addiction and would rather not discuss it over and over again all night with 40 different people. How about getting some of his close friends together for a night out to celebrate?

Sober is Dope believes in the gifts of sobriety, and they fully support this beautiful lifestyle. They also spread their message via podcasts, music, and clothing. This Alcoholics Narcotics Anonymous hooded sweatshirt is perfect for anyone who loves a stylish one-day at a time novelty hoodie. When we recover loudly, others do not have to die silently. Brighton has curated this ready-to-wear set from their Amulet Collection just for you. The look is eclectic, chic, and ever-evolving with so many different ways to wear it. We promise you that this gift looks more luxe than its price. That special person in your life will be pleased when you gift this meaningful treasure they can wear for any occasion.

What do you say to a recovered alcoholic?

  • I Love You.
  • You're Not Alone.
  • Everyone Needs Help Sometimes.
  • How Are You Feeling?
  • How Can I Help?
  • Let's Hang Out.
  • I'm Proud of You.
  • I Know You Are Struggling, But There's Always Hope.

Self-reflection is an important aspect of the recovery process. Without it, it’s unlikely they would’ve been able to create lasting change for themselves–much less reach the one-year milestone. A journal is a lovely way to acknowledge both how much self-reflection they’ve accomplished, and signifying your encouragement that they continue to do so. Plus, there’s just something about an unopened book that makes it exciting to pen thoughts to paper which gives your recipient even more incentive to write out their thoughts. Our Cuban Link Chain Necklace is the perfect gift for any occasion and is a staple accessory for all wardrobes. Available in polished stainless steel or 14K yellow gold over stainless steel, you can be sure this wonderfully weighted necklace will be a favorite piece they will wear day after day. No matter what their recovery program is, there is a sober gift here to fit every personality, lifestyle, and privacy level. Drink to celebrate, drink to be sophisticated, drink with dinner, drink after a long day, drink for anxiety, drink for sadness, drink to connect with friends, drink to have fun… When someone has eliminated drinking from their life, it can seem as if there’s so much more time in the day. Trying to fill boredom with something other than alcohol can be difficult, especially at night.

Personal Gift Vouchers

This letter can be an incredibly powerful gift that your loved one may rely on in future moments of temptation. Often, a person who reaches a sobriety anniversary knows how lucky they are to have their support system. You can commemorate this milestone by giving back to those who don’t have such a robust support system. Volunteering together can be a great way to celebrate this special anniversary. However, starting a new, sober life is a good time to assess your relationships. This is so imperative for sobriety and after care programs can help give the type of support you need. After care programs are designs to help people maintain sobriety after initial detox treatment. There are several types of aftercare programs so there is surely one that will fit your personal sobriety journey. Part Hospitalization Programs- A part hospitalization program, also known as PHP, is a day treatment program where patients are treated all day but allowed to go home at night.

A powerful statement supporting our community without being too loud. This comes in the sweatshirt hoodie, and a t-shirt, too. Many of them are sure to make the sober person you love light up with joy at how thoughtful you are 😇 . Hanging plants to succulents, this gift is a Sober House great visual way to mark the time passing. You don’t want to take them to an all-inclusive resort. Cities, where you’ll be walking around a lot and seeing different cultural sights, are also a good option. Medical detox should only be done under the care of a licensed doctor.

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