Mere Sai Parayan Seva

Goal to read Satcharitha and pray for the others well being.

Monthly 3rd Saturday and special parayan based on request for some one who is in need of Babas blessings.

Devotees will be part of WhatsApp group, Sai Parayan date and chapter allocations will be communicated few days prior to parayan.

Devotees have to read allotted chapters offline and post-completion message in WhatsApp group


If you are interested to be part of Sadhguru parayan group and read Satcharitha and pray for others

If you come across any of your known friends or devotees or volunteers who are facing  challenges in their life and would like to request for Sai Parayan

Mere Sai Community Service
Feed the homeless people by doing Anna Dhanam.

Collect clothes, non-perishable food and give homeless shelter.

Help poor children for education.

Help people who are in financial need.

Our Mission

श्रध्दा सबुरी
Our mission is to pray and help humanity. Being a Sai devotee, let's pray for others well being and support humanity in the way we can.

We strongly believe it's the true Sai Seva

Contact for any Seva related questions

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